Aidan Gray Sandy Handled Tray Set made of gray bone in a set of two

Sandy Tray Set with Handle

Aidan Gray Lillian jewelry box in a lacquered white with an agate handle

Lillian Jewelry Box

Carol Decorative Box

Carol Jewelry Box, 1 per box, MQ-1
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In Stock
We’ve grown ingenious with ox and buffalo bone to create the honeycomb motif on the surface of the Carol Decorative box. The contrasting pattern and the sophistication of the materials it is made from make this a handsome decorative element. We’re betting you'll keep very special things in this lovely box, which will raise your spirits each time you lift its lid. We’ve included it in our Gray Living Collection.
SKU D601
Color/Finish Black/White
Color Black
Height 7 IN
Width 8.25 IN
Product Volume (CBM) 1.1
Material 1 Ox bone
Material 2 Buffalo bone
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Each hand inlaid bone box creates a unique look and feel, making each one distinguished. Bone, being a natural product, is imperfect in texture and smoothness. Once laid, it is smoothed by hand, to an almost uniform height, then filled with resin to create the color contrast. You will see color dents, uneven edges, overlapping color in some edges, in tiny holes, seams and rustic areas. These inconsistencies should be expected and add to the hand made look!