Fragment No. 21 On Stand by Aidan Gray is a decorative sculpture of lively blossoms that rise from an acrylic base

Fragment No. 21 on Stand

angled view Aidan Gray Fragment No. 16

Fragment No. 16

Fragment No. 17,20, 22

Fragment No. 17,20, 22; 1 per box, MQ1
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In Stock
With the busy lives we lead, who has time for taking care of fussy floral arrangements? We offer our Fragment No. 17, 20, 22 as a gleaming substitute, as we know the pert blossoms on their swirling stems will be your favorite focal point for a gallery wall. Made of copper in a copper finish, the sculptures float within an acrylic shadow-box frame so that all the attention goes to the gleaming gold flowers.
SKU D728
Color/Finish Copper
Item Size 13.8" X 3.5" X 15.9"
Material 1 Acrylic Frame, Copper Fragment
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