angled view Aidan Gray Fragment No. 16

Fragment No. 16

Fragment No. 23 by Aidan Gray is a lively blossom decorative sculpture that floats inside an acrylic shadowbox frame

Fragment No. 23

Fragment No. 18

Fragment No. 18, 1 per box, MQ1
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In Stock
With the busy lives we lead, who has time for taking care of fussy floral arrangements? We offer our Fragment No. 18 as a gleaming substitute, as we know the pert blossoms and stem rising to promise more blooms will be your favorite focal point for a gallery wall. Made of copper in a copper finish, the sculpture floats within an acrylic shadow-box frame so that all the attention goes to the gleaming gold stem. We also offer this decorative element perched upon an acrylic base.
SKU D724
Color/Finish Copper
Item Size 18.1" X 4.3" X 10.2"
Material 1 Acrylic Frame, Copper Fragment
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